Welcome to Unlocking an Intimate Marriage: A Small Group Discussion Guide for Married Couples.

As the name suggests, this material is designed to lead learning, discussion, and growth in a small group environment of married couples. If you don't already have a small group, we encourage you to invite a handful of safe couples to explore this material together. While not designed specifically for this, you may also prefer to work through it on your own as a couple making slight adaptations as needed.

This material is divided into two parts, each with four sessions. Use the workbook you purchased to walk you through each session. But before beginning Session One as a group, please take the time to watch the Before You Begin video and read through the introductory material on your own. We believe this is critical in helping make this material as effective as possible.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Michael & Shaunti

Dr. Michael Sytsma & Shaunti Feldhahn

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